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Top Tips On Interviewing Candidates

Have you wondered why you are constantly losing the top talents in the market despite reaching out to them first? We look at 5 reasons why you have been having trouble securing talents during the interview process.

1. Taking too long to get back to them

This by far is the number one reason why a top company, like yours, is losing top talent. Do you have 3 - 4 rounds of interviews? How long does it take the candidate to go through the entire process? Active candidates who are interviewing, are worried about their employability, they are looking to secure something quick. Chances are if you are taking too long to get back to them, you might lose them.

2. You’re looking too hard for the ‘perfect’ candidate

Let’s say you are looking for a Tech Lead, with 10 years of experience, a graduate from the best local university, but your budget for the position is 8k, max. You shortlisted 5 suitable candidates, but weren’t satisfied with the quality of talent you’ve seen. Where do you think went wrong? We’re sure that you want to secure the best talent out there - but do you think your expectations might be a bit too high?

3. They never heard back from you after their interview

‘Thank you for your time’, will probably be the last words the candidates will ever hear from you even though you have decided that after that interview, they were not suitable for the position. Most companies are guilty of rejecting candidates without letting them know that they were not selected for the position because of reasons ‘XYZ’, which causes most candidates to steer clear of any future opportunities they may have with your business.

4. Your company wasn’t their first choice

A lot of factors influence the choices of why a candidate would choose a job, it could be: the boss, their role in the organization, company culture, remuneration, nature of work. There are many push and pull factors of any role in any company - the quicker you identify what are the push and pull factors, the more you’ll be able to secure the top talents in the market.

5. They had concerns but they couldn’t highlight to you directly

It is natural for candidates to have questions after an interview. It is also quite common that they would not highlight any concerns that they have about the position, for fear of the wrong impression. It is always good to ask the candidates after the interviews if they have any concerns or doubts about the role, this would allow candidates to open up and share any concerns which you can immediately address.

The SearchElect team understands that making the right hire will aid businesses to success, going through the recruitment process well is the bread and butter of a good initiation to any business for candidates.

Talk with me now at 65898787 or email me directly at to discuss how we can help you with your tech hiring needs.


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