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Cross-Pollination In Tech

What is cross-pollination? How is it relevant to me?

We might be familiar with the term ‘cross-pollination’ as pollination of a flower or plant with pollen from another flower or plant. In this blog, we are talking about 'cross-pollinating technical and functional skill sets' across different tech domains.

Living in this day and age, candidates have visibility of a bigger playing ground, from traditional organizations, the tech giants, multinational MNCs, and startups. You probably have friends or colleagues who have made the transition of having a mid-career switch, to a different industry.

Have you ever wondered how or why did they even make the transition?

We have spoken to many candidates, who are the top talents in their given field, but are considering careers in different industries just to expand their repertoire. As headhunters, we headhunt the best talents from the best companies according to their skillsets, to match them with clients who are looking for top talents.

We have encountered that some companies might not be open to the idea of hiring someone from a totally different background, with the fear that these talents might not be able to transition to the work environment, systems, and the nature of work. We have also encountered some companies that are open to these talents, and they have reaped the benefits of cross-pollination.

The wants and needs of a job seeker in this day and age has shifted outside of the norm of putting on a suit and tie, working in a corporate office with little to no flexibility of work arrangements to put on a pair of jeans and sneakers, working from home twice a week in the comfort of your own home.

Benefits of cross-pollination?

Within the tech industry, we have talents with similar skill sets but with different methodologies. The idea of cross-pollination is to bring these talents together, allowing their knowledge and skills to influence each other. Cross-pollination can expose employees to different ideas and new ways of thinking. That in turn can only make companies stronger and more productive.

Our team in SearchElect aims to cross-pollinate the best talents with the right skill sets to the best companies in relevant industries.

Talk with me now on 65898787 or email me directly on to discuss cross-pollinating talents & tech career opportunities.


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