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Fresh Graduate Career Guide: 6 Ways To Make A Stand-out Resume

In a world where work experience gets more value, fresh graduates may find difficulties landing their ideal job role. Furthermore, the number of fresh graduates looking for jobs is also increasing. As per the National Center for Education Statistics, around 4,424 bachelor’s degrees in tech were conferred in 2019-2020. However, fresh graduates were still finding difficulties in finding a job. In such cases, a well made resume can have a powerful impact when it includes all the candidate’s skills and background properly.

Through the resume, you will be showing your potential employee your skills and win them over. If you are looking for tech opportunities at good companies, you need a tailored resume. These tips will help you draft a stand-out resume and apply to a job opening with it.

1. Choose an appropriate resume template

A visually appealing professional resume can lead to even better chances of grabbing the attention of the hiring manager. That’s why you shouldn’t just add information to your resume. Instead, you can make it visually appealing by adding borders and using excellent templates. Keep the fonts, template, size, and color catchy yet professional. Of course, the looks of the stand-out resume also matter.

2. Talk about the future

Fresh graduates may not have enough experience to add to their resumes. That’s why you may face trouble with what to add to your professional resume. In such a case, you can focus on your future. You can add a goals and objectives section in the resume. You can talk about what you aim to achieve in your professional career and how you can help any company for which you work.

3. Highlight job-specific educational background

Fresh graduates can focus on education since it’s one of the best assets you can add to your professional resume. Boost your educational background by adding details of your major awards, activities, training and seminars. It will be ideal to include academic achievements related to your desired position or company’s industry. You can even add career-specific elective courses. For example, if you had done a programming languages course during your studies, adding it to your stand-out resume may help you get more tech opportunities.

4. Analyze the company’s requirement

If you are applying for a tech job, you have to look for the hiring manager’s requirements. You can check the job posting, understand the skills and qualifications they require, check their website and understand their culture. It will help you understand what they expect from their ideal candidate and then draft your resume using keywords they might be interested in.

5. Showcase skills and tailor them

You are not a student anymore; you’re a professional. Hence, you have to show your skills and let the hiring managers understand what you are capable of doing. List the skills and areas of your expertise. Emphasize all the skills you have, including soft skills. Highlight the aspects in which you are good.

In addition to that, you should also tailor the resume to make it more suitable for the company you are applying to. You can showcase your skills, experience, and qualifications crucial for the role you are applying to. For example, if you want to become a programmer, the hiring manager will be more interested in knowing about your programming qualifications rather than your cooking classes.

6. Focus on character references

High-quality references can be highly beneficial for fresher graduates finding tech jobs. Even if you don’t have references, you can contact your previous professors or acquaintances who witnessed your career progress. Whether it’s volunteer work, a class, internship, or even class performance, you can add it to your professional resume to make it stand out. It will help the hirer understand your strong points, and references will add credibility to your skills.

Adding professional recommendations can also help your resume stand out. For example, if your resume contains a recommendation stating, “Karen is one of the best teaching assistants I could have. He always used to keep the work so organized. He was always dependable, creative and came up with smart ideas. I would recommend him for any position that requires effective work organization and an innovative and creative mind.” Sometimes, references build more credibility than listing your work history.

Land Your Dream Job

If you are looking for a career in tech, ensure a resume that showcases your personality. Create an impressive resume that will make a lasting impression with the hiring manager. Even though you don’t have much professional experience, you can adjust your resume to showcase your internship, courses or extracurricular activities. Adding recommendations and references will also make your resume more compelling.

Whether you are looking for guidance on crafting your resume or searching for a tech opportunity, SearchElect is the place for you. Send us an enquiry today and let us help you build an industry-specific resume.


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