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5 Most In-Demand Tech Jobs In 2021 And Beyond

As we move further into a generation that is heavily dominated by digital technology, the future is looking bright for those who are interested to dive into the path for IT careers. Tech jobs have been seeing continuous growth and increase in demand over the years. The main driving force behind this is the technological adaptations that require skills and knowledge that meet the needs of digitally transformed sectors and enterprises.

Companies have been keeping up with the changes in business technology and as a result, a surge in technology careers are becoming available. Here are five of the most in-demand technology-related jobs that are expected to have a strong demand in the foreseeable future.

1. IT Security Specialist

Information, data, systems, network, and cloud security professionals are seeing an obvious demand as more businesses are becoming data reliable in relation to their business operations. Part of the responsibilities of these IT professionals is ensuring that the enterprise’s IT initiatives are kept safe and protected against threats from inside and outside the organization.

2. Database Administrator

Database administrators are responsible for the maintenance of the software used in managing the enterprise’s database. DBAs ensure that all servers will remain operational and efficient at all times. Furthermore, companies are looking for someone who can multitask monitoring and optimising the server’s performance.

3. System Analyst

System analysts develop techniques to solve business problems in the organization. Investigating issues and providing solutions in a cost-effective manner are some of the duties that system analysts do. In addition, they test the programs and databases to make sure that they are working competently; and then create documentation for the systems and run audits.

4. Network Administrator

Handling LAN/WAN protocols, software, and hardware are responsibilities managed by network administrators. For this job, it will involve a lot of time doing troubleshooting and they are expected to be on call in case any emergency or failure arises. Some of the skills needed for this position include analytic, diagnostic, and communication skills.

5. DevOps Engineer

DevOps practices assist faster code development with lesser development failures. Companies are looking into hiring more DevOps to oversee coding, scripting, and processes development. Moreover, they often manage provision resources, IT infrastructure, oversee software testing, and monitor its performance after release. They are responsible for simplifying code updates to aid companies in continuously improving and developing processes for maximum efficiency.

Find Where You Fit in the Tech Industry

It’s clear that the technology sector has seen a big boom that lingers well into 2021 and beyond. That’s why now is the perfect time to shift or launch your career in tech. With SearchElect, you can find various job opportunities that meet your needs and will set you up for a long-term, well-paid career in tech.

Browse through our list of in-demand technology careers and apply to the top tech companies today!

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