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Think Tech, Think SearchElect

COVID-19 has seen the world face its biggest pandemic in the last century. Many industries and markets have taken a big hit. In the recruitment industry, we have seen the closure of some recruitment companies as well as downsizing by most big players.

At SearchElect, we have taken this opportunity to dig deep into our roots and continue to stay true to our core strength. It has been almost a decade since we first registered in Singapore as a regional supplier to System Integration and Telco clients. We have since expanded our tech recruitment team to expertise in other tech spaces like IoT, M2M, Cybersecurity, Cloud, OT, Fintech alongside many others.

What differentiates SearchElect?

While we have seen many of our competitors shift their industry focus according to the market demands, at SearchElect we have continued to build our branding in the tech space as well as expand our database of quality candidates. This ‘tech focus’ mindset in the past decade has allowed us to gain market knowledge superiority as well as fully understand the demands of businesses.

We remain committed to our mission statement to ‘passionately delivering expert insight to connect the best talent in a disruptive technology market’.

As we enter the 2nd half of 2020, we look towards strengthening our relationships with our existing clients as well as helping more hiring managers to bridge their hiring gap in the tech space.

Talk with me now on +65 6589 8787 or email me directly at if you have a need or urgency to hire tech talents.


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