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5 Tech Job Trends to Watch Out for in 2023

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The working industry has been through many changes over the past 2 years. Probably the toughest struggle everyone had to endure was the COVID-19 pandemic which emerged in early 2020. Employers had to come up with ways to survive along with their employees, which for some had to lay off workers to keep their businesses afloat. The erratic changes carried on the following year as several industries experienced the Great Resignation effect. Many employees were pushed to look for better opportunities that fit the global situation we’re currently in.

In 2022, as the world slowly eases into what we now call “the new normal”, many employers have started making adjustments that affected employees as well. A number of companies had to come up with creative ways to make the return-to-office setup doable for their workforce while others remained in the work-from-home arrangement which became the accepted setup given the precautions brought by the pandemic.

As we close on the current year and prepare for another year ahead, let’s take a look at how exactly the job trends affects the technology industry. Were there many adjustments in terms of how work is done in companies nowadays? What are the things to consider as a hopeful employee searching for a career in the tech field?

Important Job Trends to Know Of

1. Hybrid Setup is Now A Thing

During the beginning of the pandemic, as lockdowns were imposed everywhere, businesses made their employees adjust to the remote work setup. While this isn’t something entirely new because it’s been existing for some industries, the pandemic is a huge factor to normalizing it. Fast forwarding to the present time, companies had to ease back on bringing what we were used to pre-pandemic days while still having few restrictions. This gave birth to the hybrid, some days are spent in the office and some days spent remotely, working schedule. Most companies still take considerations on how they implement this adjustment which allows employees to justify whether they are able to adhere to this modification.

For people in the tech industry, this adjustment works just as well as the work-from-home setup. Reports claim that tech workers find the flexibility afforded by hybrid setups appealing. Employers just need to find a common ground to meet the needs of their employees without compromising their demands.

2. Changes in the Employers Hiring Process

Everyone had their fair share of rearrangements whether you are an employer or an employee. Employers are now pushed to also up their game. Although it’s true that unemployment blew up over the past years, most job candidates are now meticulous in picking their next employer. Companies are presenting how established they are when it comes to work-life balance, superior benefits, economic responsibilities, and competitive wages. Our recent job market has changed into a highly competitive ground not only for employees, but employers too.

3. Employees Upskilling their Soft Skills

The tech industry is turning slightly saturated and for one to stand out, upskilling is the key. Nowadays, showing off soft skills on your resume brings a level of advantage among rivals. Employers are finding candidates with effective soft skills to thrive better in the workplace. Some of the top soft skills to focus on include: Communication, Teamwork, Critical Thinking, Creativity, Flexibility, and Emotional Intelligence. These skills tend to get overlooked by many, so now is the time to have them well-developed.

4. Build Your Connections

There’s been a bad connotation when it comes to gaining connections and networking. But in today’s job trends, connections might just be your key to getting hired. It has been proven that hiring from employee referrals is cheaper for organizations, produces better hires, and improves retention.

In the technology workforce, connecting with people in the same industry makes it easier to find where opportunity lies. As much as most tech jobs are in demand, searching becomes more convenient if you are to reach out and make those connections.

5. Diversity in the Technology Workplace

There has been a conscious effort from enterprises to promote diversity when it comes to the technology workplace. Google reports that there is a small increase in female hires across companies. It is transforming several innovation steps from tech companies, start-ups, and industries. This proves that diversity is not only a metric to strive for but rather a significant factor for a successful revenue-generating business.

At SearchElect, we help job hopefuls find an inclusive, diverse and hybrid work environment career choices that best suits them. Get to know how a job opportunity can change the chances of success for your tech career. Contact us today and let us help you secure your next desired role!

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