HackNTU 2019

HackNTU 2019

23/04/2019, 11:00 - 05:00


SearchElect was proud to host over 300 talented students from all over Singapore who came to connect with the brightest minds in tech at HackNTU 2019 on March 23-24th, 2019 at Nanyang Technological University (NTU).

The event was organised in collaboration with the NTU Students’ Union (NTUSU), to deliver our first unique Hackathon that seeks to provide opportunities for students and the next generation of Singaporeans. Nanyang Technological University was a great venue for our event partners to connect with soon-to-be tech professionals who will be in the forefront of Singapore’s growth as a Smart Nation.

As Singapore relentlessly pursues the Smart Nation vision, life as we know it will start to change. Automation and technology are being leveraged upon to increase convenience and efficiency towards society and the workplace. This not only has implications on rapidly growing areas of information technology such as big data, cyber security and IoT, but also implications to change our life.

In addition, Digital Defence has become an integral pillar in the Singapore Total Defence framework. This highlights Singapore’s recognition of the importance of cybersecurity and staying resilient from threats in the digital domain.

In our inaugural hackathon, SearchElect partnered together with NTUSU to bring forth education initiatives, development opportunities and a capture the flag experience to our audience. The event was free and open to all students from Secondary to Tertiary. The two-day event included a Hackathon, Capture the Flag, and several workshops and talks.

Objectives of the event:

  • To provide opportunities for networking and career development for aspiring professionals. Participants were able to meet known and respected professionals within the information security industry. Speakers included several senior-level employees from MWR.

  • To provide platforms for education, collaboration and development for aspiring professionals. Participants had the chance to enhance their technical skillsets and capabilities through workshops and collaborative activities.

  • To develop means and pathways for aspiring professionals to pursue careers within the Singapore scene. Participants had the chance to interact with people working at various levels in the tech industry, and glimpse what it means to pursue a career within the information technology industry.

More details are available at the event website.