As is widely recognised by leading industry experts, the Cybersecurity market is a fantastic sector to be working in today. For instance, APAC market share is estimated to grow to 21.16% by 2019. High profile hacks have led to necessary, if belated, responses from some governments, whilst other tech savvy governments raise their already significant budget to keep pace with today’s threats. In emerging technologies, cloud adoption and the rapid rise of IoT has accentuated the need for an effective cybersecurity strategy, particularly in APAC. This is where within IOT, the OEM market is of paramount importance to the economy and many companies are relinquishing their resistance to cloud migration. These budgetary assessments in corporate, government and industrial circles are closely aligned to the macroeconomic effects of widespread panic and disruption caused by security vulnerabilities. This has triggered an unquenchable demand for security professionals.

At SearchElect, we have established strong relationships to meet the high standards expected from our Principal Vendor, Start-Up Vendor, System Integration, MSS, Professional Services and Advisory customers. Rather than vacancies with an emphasis on the testing or maintenance of legacy products and solutions, we stay ahead of the curve, focusing instead on the next generation of Security within areas as such as Application, Identity, Cloud and Analytics. Through our tireless commitment to continuously update our knowledge of the current and future Security landscape, we have been able to establish an unrivalled network of professionals across APAC.

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