Danica Pagsisihan


Danica Pagsisihan

Recruitment Team Leader


Telecommunications, System Integration, Advisory, IOT & M2M, Cloud Hosting and Data Center, Security, Big Data & Analytics, Digital, Network Infrastructure

Industries: Principle Vendors, System Integrators, Consultancy, Telco Service Providers

Danica is a Technology Recruitment Consultant with over 8 years of solid talent acquisition exposure in Asia. She started her journey in Philippines within the Business Process Outsourcing industry, worked as an associate in an agency and became an in-house Talent Acquisition Specialist for a top Global Outsourcing company. Driven by new areas of opportunities and growth, she took the opportunity from SearchElect to work outside of her comfort zone. She spent 6 years of contingent recruitment in Singapore purely within the Technology market.

She took up Psychology with the desire to understand how and why people react the way they do. She has always been keen to understand and genuinely get to know people. To make a living out of that is a great pleasure for her. Being in Singapore opened her eyes into the global market, and broadened her perspective in life.

Fun fact: Danica likes multiplayer mobile games and old school real time strategy computer games. She built her “stronghold level” in Game of War twice to level 15 (highest is 21) and sold her account to other gamers for SGD 300 each.