COVID-19 impact to Singapore security jobs

Posted on 15/05/2020 by


It has been almost 4 months since the pandemic reached our shores, the world has seen a large increase in malware attacks as hackers look to take advantage of the current situation. Extra safety measures have been enforced especially in the banking and healthcare industry.

We have seen a spike in our clients expanding their cyber-security practice during this pandemic.

The need for cyber-security has never been so critical as we anticipate more cyber threats if the pandemic does not get any better as there could be a predicted second wave.

As the world is reeling with this pandemic, people are taking safety measures to keep themselves isolated and safe so more employees are working remotely. This has resulted in more confidential data passing through global networks and systems which will be exposed to potential hackers and threat actors. 

Furthermore, businesses are faced with the real prospect of functioning with little to no personnel on-site to protect incoming cyber-attacks to their infrastructure whilst key blue team cybersecurity professionals are forced to work from home and outside the secured perimeter.

We have seen the government agencies, private organizations, and financial institutions being stretched for manpower due to this current pandemic and strict security compliance. Hirings for security talents have also been affected due to the current situation where candidates are more passive due to the uncertainties in the market and decide to 'wait it out' in fear of job security.

Cyber attackers are using the COVID-19 pandemic to their advantage in highly unethical ways which businesses need to adapt and identify new threats. 

The bottom line is the need for cybersecurity Threat Analysts, Malware Analysts, and SOC Analysts has never been so critical.

Although SearchElect's team is working from home, we are not slowing down our efforts and we have increased our network with certified cybersecurity experts with experience in Pen-Testing, Red Teaming, VAPT, SOC.

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