SearchElect 2020 Salary Guide

Posted on 3/03/2020 by Jay Banghar


Are you getting paid within the market rate? Are you compensating your employees correctly? Find out in the 2020 SearchElect Salary Guide.

2019 met most expectations across Asia for being a stagnant year of growth. Going into 2020, attracting and hiring new talent is still a major problem as competition is fierce for skills within security, cloud and data.

The effect of 2018 was felt in 2019 which directly impacted the recruitment industry. Although there were some specific areas of key growth, this has been counter-balanced by many other areas of negative growth and longer decision making. 

Within the key markets that SearchElect recruits within (Telco, Advisory, System Integration and Principal Vendors), we have experienced a mixture of results. Generally, we have seen that across the Asia market there is an imbalance of skills and experience which is creating a challenge for businesses to bridge. A lot of effort has been made to up-skill the existing workforce, whilst trying to retain hard-to-come-by skills. 

The start-up scene in places like Singapore is highly active and offering some unique ‘perks’ which more established organisations simply can not compete with. However, the start-up scene is still very vulnerable as we have witnessed several start-ups within Singapore already ‘crash and burn’. 

There didn’t appear to be any clear winners in 2019 but there have been some clear indications of what is to be expected for 2020 ahead.

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