Kickstart your career In cybersecurity: a beginners guide

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Here's what I would recommend in stages:


A career transition can be costly and an uphill journey. Before making the change start to know more about the industry and what the day-to-day responsibilities are. This is especially important if you aren't a tech immersed person. Technology goes past understanding the specifications on the computer but rather into the code, logic and functions. 

A career in cybersecurity has blue and red functions. The blue team is on the defense and usually more accessible whereas the red team is on offense and requires more competitive skillsets. Understanding which side you identify with is important as the skillsets are diverse and do not overlap with each other. But there are also subsets of these teams such as project managers, software developers, testers, etc. 


Start off by learning a programming language: Python is usually an easy starting point. You can find online courses here that are cheap or even free. I have tested this platform that you can find here and this is a pretty fun way to start. If you dislike it, you may wish to reevaluate your career as cybersecurity involves rudimentary coding and understanding. 

After that you can choose to explore cheap online courses that explain more in depth such as on Udemy here. If you identify, be ready to make bigger investments. If you don't identify with the knowledge acquired so far, it may be better to research more or relook into your career aspirations.


Start by getting yourself certified. 

There are varieties of places where you can get certified. Please find the links here, herehere, here and here.

The gold standard of the industry for red teaming is OSCP and CREST.

Career transition individuals should go for the gold standard so that employers will be keen to give them an opportunity despite their lack of experience.

Experienced and ready to transition:

Work with SearchElect or any other recruiter. 

If you applied directly, chances are you won't be treated seriously at all. Make sure you are able to speak to the direct hiring manager and higher if possible. Be prepared for a discouraging time as career transitions can be greeted with skepticism and Singapore is a mature market. Employers want everything but if you work with a good agency, that can make the world of difference to your application. 

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