Don't cry from WannaCry: The biggest attack in cybersecurity history

Posted on 23/05/2017 by Jay Banghar


Ransomware. Hundreds and thousands of organisations around the world were caught off guard by the ‘WannaCry’ ransomware attack that launched last Friday. The UK and Russia were the most hit, but the ransomware had affected over 200 000 victims across 150 countries, and has been described by security companies and news agencies alike as an ‘epidemic’.



​What is WannaCry and how does it work? WannaCry is a type of ransomware that attempts to render a computer unusable by encrypting the files on the system. The ‘goal’ of ransomware is to ‘kidnap’ data and demand payment from users for its release (hence ransom!). Ransomware has a habit of mutating and so it changes over time to find different ways to access computers in patches.

Some of the biggest attacks were on the UK NHS (National Health System), which saw hospitals and clinics forced to turn away patients after losing access to computers. Operations were cancelled and ambulances were diverted, as up to 40 hospital organisations became infected by the ransomware, which demanded payment to regain access to vital medical records. Doctors warned that this, the largest cyberattack in NHS history could cost lives.

WannaCry not only affected organisations such as the NHS, Fedex, Spanish Telco giant Telefonica and many other parts of UK, US and Europe, it spread as far as Asia, disrupting Asian governments and businesses.

This ransomware attack only serves as a further reminder as to how important it is for organisations to protect themselves in cyberspace, and to be ready for the security responsibilities that come along with using technology. The attack has definitely created a sense of urgency surrounding the vital need for Cybersecurity professionals in organisations worldwide, with the lack of talent making these companies desirable hacking targets, and incurring costs or losses. It can be referred to as a human created problem that can be solved by another human.

Ask yourself: Are you protected as an organisation against these ‘epidemics’ for the future? How protected are you, with the necessary skilled Cybersecurity talent?

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If you would like to know how SearchElect can help your organisation protect itself against recent attacts such as WannaCry, I’d be happy to hear from you and I can explain more about our Talent Recruitment services here at SearchElect.

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