Healthcare Tech Series (II) : Internet of Things (IoT)

Posted on 8/02/2017 by Danica Pagsisihan


Healthcare & The Internet of Things (IoT) 

The IoT is transforming the way we live and work and disrupting many industries. In Part 2 of this series, I share about the disruption in the healthcare sector with patients and healthcare providers both standing to benefit. The IoT is transforming the healthcare sector by redefining how apps, devices and people interact with each other in delivering healthcare solutions. There are plenty of opportunities in the Healthcare & IoT space however I have picked out a few current and interesting ones to share with you below.

Sensors and data analytics - This is a big demand area currently as they predict and transport data. Technology providers and product vendor companies have created a way to provide a meaningful insight to help the users get more intelligence to support decision making. For example, this technology will gather data for a period of time about the usage of BP monitors over a year. It will analyse the trend within that period and provide a report of when the demands for a BP monitor can go high or low.  This provides the hospital’s procurement team a leeway to forecast and budget more wisely, allowing them to create a balanced plan for the hospital’s needs and thus saving costs.

Non-intrusive sensors - These are in the form of unique smart mat solutions embedded in the hospital’s beds. They provide real time tracking of the patients’ vital statistics and other conditions without having to wear or bear intrusive devices/sensors attached to their bodies. Smart beds!

Intelligent dashboards - There exists several in-built sensors in a ward recording different data for each patient. However they tend not to be centrally integrated. With IoT, a solution has now been integrated to the sensors that will provide the healthcare providers a nursing dashboard, helping them understand the specific need of the patient, and urgencies he or she may require in one clear view.

Ultimately, IoT is here to stay, as its popularity is expected to increase significantly. Healthcare providers are seeking to leverage these technologies with the view of improving efficiency and increasing service quality. IoT in healthcare is seated on connectivity and efficient information delivery. As such, I predict it is set to grow in hospitals and medical facilities in the future as well as many other industries.

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What do you think of my article? Do you agree or disagree with any of my comments? Will IoT be the biggest distruption to the Healthcare industry? Let me know your thoughts and stay connected with me!