New year, new resolutions!

Posted on 9/01/2017 by Jay Banghar


Happy New Year from SearchElect!

We’ve made it to 2017. The beginning of the new year is filled with hope and optimism, a natural opportunity for a fresh start. From setting personal resolutions such as eating healthier or even professional goals like learning new skills or attaining a new certification, this is generally the perfect time to set your new resolution and work towards it. To help you get started, here’s an interesting perspective to guide you in your professional developmental goals.

Setting Personal Objectives

If we start the year with a positive intent on improving our lives in one way or another, there is a high chance we can succeed in doing so, and one of the ways we can help ourselves is to set personal objectives or goals. Formulating personal objectives are all about stirring your emotions in order to motivate you to work towards them and these objectives can be tangible or intangible. Whether it is getting that shiny new sports car, or going on an exotic holiday or learning how to code, write them down, prioritise them, ignite the desire within yourself and stay committed!

As you set that goal, ask yourself : Can you see yourself achieving that very goal(s) through your current job? If you answered YES, then set yourself a route map to be on target to achievement. If you find yourself in uncertainty, or even to the point of answering NO, then it is time to re-evaluate your career choice. Considering a possible career move or a new job can be exciting in many different ways while simultaneously being a daunting process for some. From searching for that best-fit job, to securing the interviews or even speaking to your line manager about the possible move - The challenges are many.

That’s where we come in. At SearchElect, we pride ourselves in helping you to achieve your personal objectives. We want to help you to land that dream job, that job which best fits your skills and personality, in order for you to attain your personal goals successfully this year. Click here to learn more about us. Alternatively, speak to our consultants who come with years of experience and a wealth of expertise at +65 6589 8787​.