Candidate Series Part 1: Interview experience

Posted on 20/01/2017 by Jay Banghar


My Candidate's Interview Experience

I recently arranged a candidate interview for a Security Engineer role with a company. As a Security Engineer with 5 years of experience, there is a demand for his type of profile in the current market.

When it came to the final round of interviews, the candidate fed back that it was a one way conversation. The Senior Manager screened the candidate in a formulated Q/A manner; probing on what the candidate had to offer them. The Manager did not take the opportunity to sell the vision of the business or hone in on how the candidate’s aspirations could be reached if they joined beyond the job in question.

In a ‘candidate driven’ market, the need to promote the employer brand, establish a relationship and promote how an individual’s needs will be met, has become a huge influence in the decision making process.

The offer was rejected and the candidate joined another company. The candidate had explained that their decision came down to the interview experience. The candidate chose the company which went beyond an employer need and was able to make a personal connection with the employees needs. 

As a recruitment agency we offer our advise to both parties in how to present during an interview to ensure a successful outcome.  The market over the past several years has been 'job driven' with plenty of choice for the employer. We are now seeing a turn of the tide in some specific areas of Technology and recognise the need for employer branding throughout the business. This can be achieved in a number of quick and easy ways and we look forward to continually supporting our clients through this journey.

What do you think of this story? Have you encountered an experience like this? I'd love to hear from you. Email me at or let's talk on +65 6589 8787. Stay connected with us here as we discuss other aspects of the 'candidate experience' in the second part of our series next week.