Candidate experience: Mobile job application

Posted on 27/01/2017 by Jay Banghar


Smartphones have created an expectation of information immediacy, and this has impacted recruitment processes in companies.

Mobile recruitment and mobile job search is no longer something special; it has become the mainstream choice of technology to search, and apply for a new job. However, the view on whether or not mobile recruitment is advantageous is still to be decided.

On one side, recruiters are excited about this new practice, and are constantly coming up with innovative ways to make the talent acquistion systems on mobile a rich experience for the ‘next-generation’ candidates, or millennials. Many employers have already invested in optimising their mobile career sites, building apps for candidates and even sending mobile job alerts or candidate updates via SMS. Mobile recruitment allows job seekers to passively look for jobs on the go, and also allows companies to reach a wider audience and streamline the hiring process.

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On the other side, there are disadvantages to engaging with candidates through a mobile platform. There becomes a greater importance in improving the ‘user’ experience which can be an expensive process and takes time to refine. The mobile element is only part of a greater recruitment eco-system, this means that the entire recruitment strategy must be aligned to work together. If you have one bad link in the process, this will impact negatively to the ‘user experience’ and create a drop off in potential candidates.

HR in Asia points out that employers fail to attain results from mobile recruitment due to several factors such as failing to optimise the mobile platform and the process being too complicated for users.

Making the move to mobile takes more than the right technology and right processes; it takes the right perspective to design a mobile recruiting experience that is truly centered around the candidate. User experience is certainly a growing discipline, and not just mobile, but whichever technological platform that employers tap on to transform their recruitment process, it is an expertise that should be given paramount importance.

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