The changing face of talent attraction...

Posted on 9/12/2016 by Jay Banghar


The Changing Face of Talent Attraction…

Whether the Millennial Generation or Gen Y there is an increasing change in their usage of digital technology, which results in an impact on 'Talent Attraction'. This blog writes about how the recruitment world is compelled to adapt and follow suit. Organisations all over the world are facing the challenges that come with the vast number of millennial talent now entering and reshaping the workforce. It is very clear that the talent attraction and candidate journey has drastically evolved since the 90s to date, but it seems that a lot of companies are still playing catch up.

The Digital Revolution

From job hunting in the news papers to looking at online job boards and career sites, talent attraction has become far more diversified and engaging with digital recruiting is fast becoming the monopoly.

Digital recruiting - You have a job site with job listings for online applications. Sounds easy enough? However, way more is needed in this millennium to capture the candidates you need.

The current digital recruitment aimed at millennials heavily involve ‘engaging’ with the candidate. You now require a whole plethora of surrounding tools to compliment your goal to reach that 'best' candidate applying to your job. This can be acheived in a number of ways. Talent Attraction’s success now relies on optimising the candidate journey in making it more stimulating and increasing the candidate conversions by providing value and motivation.

Applying for a job on the move

Calling out my fellow Gen Y people - Think about it, have you been without your mobile phone for an entire hour? A day? A week? Mobility has become so integrated with everyday life that mobile recruitment strategies such as quick job alerts on the handheld device has become a vital part of digital recruitment to reel in the right candidates.

The ‘Window’ of Employer Branding

Now let’s imagine you get called up for an interview by a company. Do you jump up in the air, start screaming in excitement and rejoice? Or do you immediately start doing a Google search of that company? I can almost picture you saying yes to the latter. Increasingly, more and more job seekers start by Google searches, which essentially is the ‘window’ to a company’s brand. They also then move on to engage in sites like Glassdoor for reviews to guide their decisions, and if they are not able to find motivating information about the company, its reputation drops and as a result, chances of converting that job seeker drops.

The New Digital Candidate

The new candidate journey has changed and as a digital marketer, I observe that there are several similar factors between the ‘inbound marketing’ journey of a buyer and the ‘recruiting’ journey of a candidate. In an inbound marketing journey, marketers are trying to create an experience to engage potential buyers with their websites and social media channels and ‘nurture’ them until they are bought into their product or service.

The recruiting journey is similar, with a trending practice in this millennium that is often called ‘recruitment marketing’. This refers to the strategies and tactics a company uses to find, attract, engage and nurture talent before they apply for a job, generally known as the pre-applicant layer of talent acquisition. The strategies and tactics form just part of ‘employer branding’ which is often targeted at candidates using online platforms with tools incorporating content marketing. Content marketing techniques range from articles to videos on a responsive website for example. Job seekers, just like buyers, go through the process where they are transformed from ‘strangers’ to ‘visitors and then to ‘contacts’ and finally to ‘applicants’.

To conclude, I believe the shift in Talent Attraction between generations is contrasting. The candidate journey is still evolving, following various trends and innovations in Technology and people. Talent acquisition professionals need to gear their approach toward a more holistic one and consider the changing behaviours and preferences of job seekers.

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