Industry 4.0: The next big thing

Posted on 2/12/2016 by Jay Banghar


It's time for a revolution... 

Industry 4.0 is the fourth industrial revolution, spurred by interconnected digital technology such as computing, networking and processes. These days, Industry 4.0 is the trending manufacturing technology, and is often known as “smart factory” or “smart automation”.  For the Internet of Things (IoT), this is a massive area. In fact, most IoT applications right now are already happening in the areas of Industry. For instance, several companies are actively drawing on the technological advances that power the Industry 4.0 approach like autonomous robots, big data and analytics, augmented reality, additive manufacturing, cloud and cyber security.

In Industry, automation is very hot. It enables manufacturers to produce more products around the clock with less paid workers and companies love this as it helps to bring profits up. The workforce on the ground level is not being eliminated without some human replacement. Systems architects, data scientists, and other jobs are being created to build these complex industrial applications.

Industry 4.0 - Creation of Hot Jobs

An IoT solutions architect is an individual that controls the general business strategy of a company that works in the IoT space. They coordinate the research and development teams, make high-level project decisions, and champions IoT strategies within the company.

On the engineering level, software and hardware engineers are increasingly in demand, especially in the area of IoT solutions development. Data scientists are also in huge demand. These individuals take the extensive amount of data, much of it being provided by IoT technologies, and analyze it to find the important insights it contains. The possibilities of the IoT are nearly limitless as IoT has created new sectors in the world economy and a whole lot of new jobs.

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