Security automation and the cybersecurity workforce crisis

Posted on 25/11/2016 by Jay Banghar


The Cybersecurity Workforce Crisis

Is the current shift in approach to adopt automated processes that utilise an increasingly sophisticated platform of intelligence-driven tools, which allow improved visibility into attack methodologies and the swift consolidation of information, a potential solution to the Cybersecurity workforce crisis?

The Rise of Security Automation

Human error will always be the biggest Security risk. With an ever depleting pool of talented Cybersecurity professionals available to employers, the value proposition of Security Automation is dramatically increased. 

So if Security Automation becomes universal, will this make the Cybersecurity professional obsolete? 

Of course not! Although, just as the rise of DevOps forced the evolution of the traditional development and administration team to become the ‘team of many hats’, the Cybersecurity professional is following the same path, albeit in a different direction. 

It is clear that in an automated world, there will be a shift away from the necessity for traditional ‘hands-on’ skills to a greater emphasis on the need for continuously evolving policy, methodology and architecture. The evidence for this is clear, in that the ability to apply the latest techniques and adopt a commercially driven mentality to Cybersecurity has already seen an explosion in the Advisory workforce. 

Security Automation: A double-edged sword?

From a purely technical standpoint, whilst Automation may see the need for skilled professionals to carry out traditional processes diminish and the overall headcount reduced by Security-as-a-Service models, the rise of next-gen Cyber Range, Active Defence and Threat Hunting technology will inevitably lead to the emergence of a hybridised, adaptive workforce prepared to mirror the evolution of the ‘bad actors’ skills every step of the way.

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