My dream of Philippines' digital future

Posted on 10/10/2016 by Danica Pagsisihan


John wakes up on a lazy Saturday morning to the cry of the roosters and cows, hastily makes his way to town to withdraw money for his sick son. Hoping for an hour travel from his place to the city, at the notion of "no traffic"  (which is a cliché).  Upon withdrawal of the money, he finds himself "vultured" by a group of crooks and ends up being victimized.  This is John's life today. How can we help John?

South-East Asia

This year, over 40% of the population are internet users. We are the second highest internet users in South-east Asia and part of the top 10 in the whole of Asia.  The industry has been growing rapidly, and its very encouraging to see a tremendous rise of Filipinos' adoption to trends like mobile, e-commerce, and web.  E-commerce patronage in particular is increasing, and industries like retail, travel, and mobile have been picking up very quickly.

John in the future, will wake up, tasting the fresh morning breeze, dancing as the birds chirp around his backyard.  He then picks up his efficient, ever reliable mobile, to log in and order on-line for his son's paracetamol and other groceries for the house. Picks up the morning paper, puts his feet up and sip through his coffee...

The Future in Philippines

As these drifts continue to develop, digitalization in Philippines more than ever has a powerful influence in changing transactions and eventually people's lives. This being said, I hope to see an uprising of the digital future for Philippines and its market place.

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