The virtual world

Posted on 27/09/2016 by Jay Banghar


Imagine connecting or dialling into a conference that connects you to a real-life virtual boardroom, full of executives from around the globe. People from various time zones are suddenly seated next to you. Or imagine giving a real time tour of your new office space to potential investors from overseas without spending on transport or accommodation. Such is the borderless world today, with these immersive experiences being made possible by one revolutionary invention: virtual reality.

Commonly referred to as VR, it is a computer-simulated environment that can trigger and recreate sensory experiences, and is now aggressively positioning itself to debunk the myth that it serves for gaming purposes only.

Virtual Reality: The Oculus Rift

Huge firms are racing to roll out the most advanced experiences for their consumers now, and one definitely worth mentioning is the Oculus Rift. It may look like a relatively simple device but I have to admit, it proves to be a mind-boggling piece of kit packing a wealth of cutting-edge technology. Using custom-tracking technology, twin lenses, LCD and OLED display, it creates a sense of complete immersion in a 3D world. Recently, a 90 year grandmother using the Oculus Rift went viral. When her granddaughter realised that she struggled to walk outside or do gardening, she reached out to Oculus Rift to program a specialised kit. With the Oculus gear now, the grandmother can be seen ‘gliding’ around a Tuscan villa and sharing animatedly about being able to climb the stairs again!



Virtual Reality: The HTC Vive

Of course, the birth of Oculus Rift is never without its contenders. The biggest question this year: The Rift or the HTC Vive? With an equally teeth-chattering unveil earlier this year, the HTC Vive is also a VR Headset that is designed to utilize ‘room scale’ technology to turn a room into a 3D space via sensors, allowing the user to navigate naturally in a virtual world. Comparing both will take us through pages of writing and research but however I would love to highlight a key selling point for Vive that intrigued me was the room scale technology that could track all your movements allowing you to duck, dive and turn all in a virtual space.



I have to say that VR is opening the world into a whole new array of possibilities, not forgetting in the business space as well. This can range from attending tech conferences across the globe in the comfort of your own office, interviewing candidates ‘face-to-face’ virtually, organising all-hands meetings and complex trainings. It only gets more exciting from here and it will be definitely be interesting to see what VR has in store for us in years to come.

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